Closing the ↪loop↩

Permaculture speaks of closing the loops connecting inputs to outputs, a representation of Natures ecosystemic patterning of systems and processes. Working with a project like ‘Faith in Paris‘, one sees real magic in the way objects and people come together in a fresh formation to produce a moment of magic that echoes through infinity, beyond time and space.

We walked that morning
Past the Funerarium
To those woods behind the kitchen
And got on our knees,
to dig a hole.


The overarching themes of the Paris mission was the Death/Birth cycle! Of the Transformation, the Ascension from the Underworld. In producing the Faith in Paris action, we buried not only a body or a woman.


On the night before the performance, we made a call-out for people from L’Annexe to join us


Into that dark place went our own fear of death. And symbolically the deaths of concepts like activism, protest and authority. And of paradigms like climate justice movement, patriarchy and self-importance. And from this process came the transformation, the chrysalis of what we were becoming, pinned down at the Cabaret\OpenMic event.


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The first loop we saw being closed, was the hole we had dug being used by the AntiCOP Kitchen crew as a compost pile. The beauty of this is that the decomposition process is what humans consider death, while nature sees it as a part of the regenerative cycle.

Into the death hole now went the old, the old food that once sustained the movement, sublimated, drawn into the underworld to begin its journey to the surface as life force for the NU season, the fresh sprouts of Hope that are obligated to maintain the role and complete the story once again.

Nothing was wasted, no energy was lost and the output (a hole in someone’s garden) became an input for the nutrient cycle. This is how nature works, complete in itself…. respecting all realms and the roles that all creatures involved act out, in their individual capacities.


And since then, we see evidence more of how the loops close beautifully. The hole was now filled with the hopes for the new season of growth. The garden was then rewarded nine days later when Ben and the garden gnomes placed a peace tree in the very same garden. The first signs of life were born in postWW2 Europe and cycled by nature defence ninjangels from Scotland to Paris.


And even more amazingly, the very vessel that hosted the burial received a flame of NU life, as the ISOJ team helped recover the coffin and transformed it into something new and beyond.

That the box itself, a symbol for our team of achieving the improbable and walking the fire of demonstrating faith in the process, that the symbol itself was transformed… Lies the beauty we sense sometimes when we are inside a fully functional forest, or watching the edge of the sea and its myriad of lifeforms across all kingdoms.


Here, the ISOJ team send a direct message to the artists to let them know what plans have emerged for the coffin.

And so the ceremonies were completed, and the action of transformation initiated. Through the magic of a community bound by love, respect, support and the vision of a NU world, a small team managed to start a motion, a movement that echoes beyond the confines of the moment. The first push against the Ocean, to start the Tide.

We placed faith in ourselves, in our friends and in Paris. That somehow, we could do the impossible, find where our fears lived and go dig a hole there, to bury ourselves, to know our fears. And to emerge as heroes from the Underworld, only to move beyond this, to return to the Journey, having faith in Faith.

burial header

Picture Gallery HERE

Foreign Exchange Event

Shweta’s ‘Faith’ Online Community 


All pictures by Raj Goody, @minimal_mystic, except the first picture, ‘stolen’ from the Internet….

The SoundTrack includes:

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