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JungleHouse, Eroles Project, and TierrActiva, all being global collectives, have joined forces to realise the Hub at L’Annexe. Each group brings deep rooted experience in creating physical as well as virtually collaborative autonomous spaces, as a way of enabling activists to live an interconnected experience that provides deep inspiration to build genuine systems change. We believe in participatory, democratic practices, where autonomy, collaboration and interdependency are foundational principles in creating a trusting, holding and transformative space.


We will create a temporary hub in Paris for five weeks parallel to COP21 for 40­-60 people within the Global South and European youth climate movement. By living together, we will exchange approaches and practice methods for radical and creative systems change.

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This cross­fertilization enables us to work on the forefront, fusing artistic expression with practical solutions to climate change, integrating:


dance, music,

theatre, street interventions,

visual art forms,


permaculture design,

filmmaking and more.


This initiative will have the following 3 specific objectives:

● Enable exchange and skill­sharing between youth change­makers from the Global South and Europe to build capacities, strengthen links and partnerships across movements and continents and explore new approaches to activism developed out of many combined years of experience.

● Produce creative interventions around COP21 (artwork for marches and direct actions, street theatre, participative assemblies, performances, installations, etc.) that will make visible the international youth climate movement and directly and indirectly affect the official negotiations.

● Create a temporary, autonomous, living example of systemic change by using cradle to cradle design, heterodox economics, progressive politics, permaculture tools, creative empowerment and holism, bringing together elements of youth led experiences in both the Global South and Europe. This will inspire local visitors and international participants to reimagine ways of living.


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